V-LFP48V100Ah VISION 4.8kwh Lithium Battery




The V-LFP 48V100Ah back-up lithium iron phosphate battery system is developed for backup of telecom equipments. Under normal condition, grid AC power supply to rectifier module and the telecom loads and charge battery pack.

Voltage: 51.2 V
Nominal Capacity (25°C , 0.2C): 100 Ah
Weight (Approximate): 60 Kg
Energy: 5120 Wh
Dimension. Terminals L*W*H: 442 mm*520 mm*182 mm
Standard Discharge25°C: Max.cont.current 65 A
Cut-off voltage 40 V
Charge Voltage: 54.0~56.5V
Float: 51.0~54.0 V
Max.cont.current: 55 A
Using temperature: -30~60℃
Storage temperature: -30~50℃
Cycle Life (25℃): ≥2000 times


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