3.5kva 9.6kwhr installation
4.6KW Solar Installation
5kva 6kw solar and 14.4kwhr Installation
6.8kw solar Installation
10kva 19.2kwhr backup Installation
10kva per phase of a 3 phase stabliser Installation
24kwhr Battery replacement Installation
200a Automatic Transfer Switch with remote controlled generator starter installation on a 40kva Generator
5kva 31.6kwhr backup installation
5kva 10.5kwhr backup installation
Ongoing 6.4kw Solar Installation
8.5kva 36kwhr backup with 6.4kw solar installation
1MW Solar Project Installation
5kva 9.6kwhr backup installation
10kva per phase of a 3 phase stabilizer Installation with 200a ATS(Automatic Transfer Switch)
Streetlight Electrification Project