Services We Provide

At Biplexcom Energy, our team of expert are vast in Electrical, Mechanical and Plumbing system design and we pride ourselves in providing cost effective and efficient CAD system designs.

Electrical Services

We provide a wide variety of electrical services ranging from small to large scale electrical solutions across various industries, while ensuring the best HSE practice.
Our electrical engineers have years of experience and mastery in the installation of electrical systems for homes, as well as for construction industries and other technical industries requiring electrical and power design.
In addition, we can facilitate and deliver all design and solution requirements for HV and LV supply systems, HV and LV equipment, power installations, lighting and transportation systems (elevators, escalators), communication and information systems, security systems, conference and other special purposes systems.

Plumbing and Mechanical Services

Our Team of Mechanical Engineers can deliver the required services for HVAC systems, fire-protection systems, water treatments, indoor and outdoor water supply, sewage, drainage and irrigation systems, and medical and industrial gas piping systems.