Services We Provide

For the elimination of manual intervention in your home power management and other related functions, We are the ones you need to talk to.

Our team of system design and construction experts are able to deliver high quality and standard power control and switching systems for homes and industries

Home Power Automation

At Biplexcom Energy, we provide building and installation services for automatic transfer switches ATS ranging from 20A to 10,000A for home and industries.

We also install home CCTV systems and lightning automation systems, as well as access control for various functions Gates.

Industrial Power Automation

We have a team of COREN and IEEE certified engineers that can provide tailored power solutions which do not fulfil by conventional methods.
Over the years, we have acquired tremendous knowledge in design, sourcing, testing, and installation, and have partnered with various consultants to ensure the best service delivery in integrated power solutions.
In addition, we have years of experience in consulting and proffering power solutions for industries and other large scale establishments.

Power and Energy Audit

Energy Audit involves utilizing a range of data requirement gathering tools and techniques to determine the energy consumption patterns of a facility such as residential homes, commercial building or an industry.
Energy Audit is mostly required before the deployment of alternative power sources such as solar or inverter systems in other to establish the effective and efficient utilization of the deployed energy. In addition, it also guides the Implementation of energy system models, production cost models and generation/transmission expansion models. Particularly, energy audit is used to analyze the reliability of the generation and transmission of power within the power system, and to ensure the rational utilization of energy in consumer and productive cases.