5kva 48v Icell X2 Series Inverter




The XX2 inverter/charger by ICELLPOWER offers premium performance in a lightweight compact package. It comes with a newly design LCD screen with input function .It is also fitted with a fast and power advanced charger with improved saver mode function. Works with all types of batteries and the design is wall mount with space saving in mind.



Nominal DC Voltage        48VDC

DC High Voltage Cutoff  48.9VDC

DC Low Voltage Cutoff   46.9VDC

Battery type       Flood/Gel/AGM

AC Output Voltage         230VAC

AC Output Voltage range              165 – 265VAC

Output Power   4000W

Surge Power      8000W

Frequency          50/60Hz

Peak efficiency  94%

Power Factor ratio           0.8

Transfer time     8 – 12ms

Output charger current 40A

Absorption time               variable

Nominal output voltage 48VDC

Bypass mode     yes

Operating Temperature -10 to 49C

Output circuit breaker   40A

Overload Protection       alarm, shut down

Short Circuit Protection alarm, shut down

L x W x H              54.6 *39.2 *26

Net weight          23kg



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