MUST MPPT Solar Charge Controller 60A




This charge controller is a heavy duty true MPPT type for 12v, 24v, 36v and 48v systems. You no longer have to purchase a new/different charge controller each time you upgrade your system.


Environmental Rating:                    Indoor

Charge mode:                                    MPPT, PWM, constant current—constant voltage, function of automatic protection for storage battery

Radiating mod:                                  Fan cooling

Working mode:                                 Four stage: Absorption CC, Absorption CV, Float CC, Float CV.

Peak Conversion efficiency:         98%

Environmental temperature:      -25°C ~55°C

Ambient humidity:                          0–90%,No condensation

Altitude :                                               ≤3000m

DimensionW*H* D(mm)/G.W(kg):167.6*257.1*82.9mm/3kg       390*365*364mm(5pcs/carton

Battery System Voltage 12V/24V/36V/48 VDC (adjustable)


Charge Input


PV Open Circuit Voltage Operational max = 145VDC temperature corrected VOC

Max PV Input Power(12V)            600W     800W

Max PV Input Power(24V)            1200W  1600W

Max PV Input Power(36V)            1800W  2400W

Max PV Input Power(48V)            2400W  3200W

Battery Voltage

Nominal Voltage              12VDC/24VDC/36VDC/48VDC

Absorption Voltage         13.5VDC/27.0VDC/40.5VDC/54.0VDC

Refloat Voltage 13.7VDC/27.4 VDC/41.1VDC/54.8VDC

Float Voltage     14.3VDC/28.6 VDC/42.9VDC/57.2VDC

Low Voltage Protection Point      10.5VDC/21.0 VDC/31.5VDC/42.0VDC


DC Output


Output Voltage 11.0~14.3VDC/22.0~28.6VDC/33.0~42.9VDC/44~57.2VDC

Max Charging Current    45A amps continuous @ 40°C ambient   60 amps continuous @ 40°C ambient

Warning for low voltage 11.5VDC/23.0 VDC/34.5VDC/46.0VDC

Cutoff for low voltage    10.5VDC/21.0 VDC/31.5VDC/42.0VDC

Low voltage recovery     11.5VDC/23.0VDC/34.5VDC/46.0VDC


LED indication    Systematic operation, LV indication, LV protection, over charge protection, loads protection, short circuit protection

LCD display         Charge voltage, charge current, voltage of battery, capacity of battery, output current

Alarm                    PV array short circuit protection, PV reverser polarity protection

Battery reverse polarity protection, Over charging protection

Output short circuit protection

Low voltage protection for storage battery


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