5kva 24v Icell X2 Series Inverter





Nominal DC Voltage        24VDC

DC High Voltage Cutoff  24.9VDC

DC Low Voltage Cutoff   22.9VDC

Battery type       Flood/Gel/AGM

AC Output Voltage          230VAC

AC Output Voltage range              165 – 265VAC

Output Power   4000W

Surge Power      8000W

Frequency          50/60Hz

Peak efficiency  94%

Power Factor ratio           0.8

Transfer time     8 – 12ms

Output charger current 40A

Absorption time               variable

Nominal output voltage 24VDC

Bypass mode     yes

Operating Temperature -10 to 49C

Output circuit breaker   40A

Overload Protection       alarm, shut down

Short Circuit Protection alarm, shut down

L x W x H              54.6 *39.2 *26

Net weight          23kg



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